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Free 3d art sex vids

Monster Lust 3D - Unexpected sex with monsters. Other stereoscopic films produced in this period include: Important Notice:

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In January , Land gave the first demonstration of Polaroid filters in conjunction with 3D photography at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Quite often, intermission points were written into the script at a major plot point. The film is now available on 3D Blu-ray , marking the first time it was released on home video in its 3D presentation.

Free 3d art sex vids

Monster Lust 3D - Unexpected sex with monsters. Other stereoscopic films produced in this period include: Important Notice:

Free 3d art sex vids

Free 3d art sex vids

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  1. The necessary silver projection screen was very directional and caused sideline seating to be unusable with both 3D and regular films, due to the angular darkening of these screens.

  2. Unlike all of the other Lippert shorts, which were available in both dual-strip and anaglyph, this production was released in anaglyph only. The show ran for several weeks, apparently doing good business as a novelty M.

  3. MGM tested it in six theaters: All of these films were the first exhibited using Polaroid filters. In addition, and in contrast to previous 35mm based 3D presentations, the very large field of view provided by IMAX allowed a much broader 3D "stage", arguably as important in 3D film as it is theatre.

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